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Ambler children check out their wonderful Summer Term topics on WOW day!

09 May Ambler children check out their wonderful Summer Term topics on WOW day!

To kick off yet another exciting new academic term at Ambler Primary School, our classes took part in a WOW day that links closely to the topics they will be studying in the Summer. Check out what all our children were up to in each Year below and have a look at the fantastic pictures too!

Year 1 – Sunflowers

“We planted our own sunflowers and made special diaries so we can see how they will change throughout time. We then went outside in the lovely weather to practice working together like the parts of a flower and used the parachute to play some games!”

Year 2 – Girl Power

“We held a workshop about our first heroine from the 1800’s called Grace Darling. Through drama activities the children learned who Grace was and why she is remembered today. The children also completed art activities to re-create pieces displaying Grace and her brave act. If you aren’t sure who Grace is, why not ask one of the Year 2 children?”

Year 3 – The Romans

“To introduce our new topic, children read Roman myths and created their own Roman mythical creatures. They also investigated the body armour that Roman soldiers wore to battle and created their own Roman helmets!”

Year 4 – The Aztecs

“We were inspired by the symbols contained in the Aztec calendar and used it as a stimulus to write our own stories. Later in the day, the children formed tribes with each member having a specific role. Their jobs included chief, storyteller, designer and fact-finder. Their main task was to the plan, design and make Aztec headdresses which they later presented to the class.”

Year 5 – The Tudors

“We used a variety of different art mediums to explore colour and texture. Our final piece of work was a portrait of Henry VIII in a Tudor style using water colours. As you can see below, the results were fantastic and well worth the time and effort put in!”

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