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Ambler children check out their wonderful new topics on WOW day!

19 Jan Ambler children check out their wonderful new topics on WOW day!

To kick off yet another exciting new academic term at Ambler, each class in the school took part in a WOW day that links closely to the topics they will be studying in the Spring. Check out what all our children were up to in each Year below and have a look at the fantastic pictures too!

Year 1 – Superheros

“To introduce our new topic Miss Millar and Miss Watts created mini superheroes of the children. The children used their superheroes to create a story using small world play. Inspired by our new text, Traction Man is Here, they created a comic strip detailing their adventures battling classroom objects, such as the evil glue sticks. Finally the children created landscape collages using different colours and sizes of paper.”

Year 2 – The Rainforest

“We are focusing on the Amazon Rainforest this half term and the children discovered where it is located. We used our geographical skills to locate the continent of South America on maps and then looked at the different countries that make up the landmass. We made our own model using salt dough. We made the dough, rolled it out, ensured it was in the right shape then marked on the countries of South America.”

Year 3 – Extreme Earth

“The whole year spent the morning experiencing the volcanic eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD first-hand through ‘Now Press Play‘. They then researched the structure of the Earth’s tectonic plates before finally making their own volcanoes with papier-mâché. It was truly mind-blowing!”

Year 4 – The Caribbean

“The children made passports and boarding passes before taking a flight to the tropical paradise of Tobago in the Caribbean. While on our travels, the children researched where the islands are located using atlases and geographic terminology. Later in the day, the children researched traditional Caribbean cuisine and eventually made baked plantain with a mango and cream-cheese dip!”

Year 5 – The Highwayman

“As part of our Literacy topic, Year 5 produced a piece of art based on the illustrations by Charles Keeping. We used a variety of art mediums such as charcoal, felt tip pens and ink to recreate the setting from Alfred Noyes‘s classic poem.”

Year 6 – Stand Up and Fight

“We learnt about what Apartheid was and the effect it had on people in South Africa, but also, most importantly, what they did to protest about it. Year 6 looked at anti-apartheid slogans and graffiti and then designed some of their own using paints on canvas.”

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