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Ambler children conquer our ‘Extreme Reading Challenge’

06 Apr Ambler children conquer our ‘Extreme Reading Challenge’

Ambler children have shown that their favourite stories can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere, as evidenced by the fantastic entries received for our ‘Extreme Reading Challenge’.

To follow on from World Book Day, we asked pupils to think about different, exciting and fun places they could safely be a bookworm in.

Our staff were thrilled by their enthusiasm and would like to thank our families for helping take the all-important photographs!

Please check out some of the marvellous entries below (and see if you can spot a well-hidden Teaching Assistant!) or come to have a look at our ‘Winner’s Wall’ in the school itself.

Although the challenge has now come to a close, we’d obviously like our children to continue reading regularly at home, whether that’s in a normal or extreme fashion!

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