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“Teaching is outstanding. Pupils make rapid gains because of the effective approach of teachers in consistently asking probing questions to deepen their learning.” – Ofsted 2018
“Highly engaged pupils enjoy their learning and respond very well to guidance from their teachers about how to improve their work.” – Ofsted 2018

Our teaching reflects the fact that each child has different needs. We continually monitor each pupil’s progress to ensure that they are assisted or stretched to meet their own unique potential.

This is achieved by structuring questions to each child’s ability, one-to-one coaching, and by offering the opportunity to explore the curriculum more deeply or more broadly to match the needs of the child.

We also offer learning beyond the curriculum to help develop pupils’ aspirations and foster their interests in a variety of areas.

Life at Ambler

Information about what it is like to be a pupil at Ambler Primary School

Our Curriculum

At Ambler, we want our children to have a thirst for learning, to want to know answers to questions such as how? When? Where? Why? Our aim is to provide a stimulating creative curriculum that engages children’s interests and desire to learn.

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