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“Teachers have a good grasp of how individual pupils are progressing and make sure they set work that is suitably challenging for different abilities.” Ofsted 2012
“a concerted drive across all classes to challenge the more able is reaping rewards.” Ofsted 2012

Our teaching reflects the fact that each child has different needs. We continually monitor each pupil’s progress to ensure that they are assisted or stretched to meet their own unique potential.

This is achieved by structuring questions to each child’s ability, one-to-one coaching, and by offering the opportunity to explore the curriculum more deeply or more broadly to match the needs of the child.

We believe our reading recovery programme is second to none and we are working with NACE (National Association for Able Children in Education) to ensure we offer excellent provision for more able children.

We also offer learning beyond the curriculum to help develop pupils’ aspirations and foster their interests in a variety of areas.

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