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Information about what it is like to be a pupil at Ambler Primary School


“The school links in fantastically with the children’s centre to ensure a smooth move up to primary.” Parent, Ofsted report 2012

Years 1 to 6

The move from reception to year one is a move from the more unstructured early years curriculum to the more formal primary curriculum. This is reflected by the move from the children’s centre to the main school. In the summer term before children move up we hold a coffee morning for parents to outline the changes ahead. Over the first term there is a gradual transition to the new structured learning.

School Day

In reception children have a flexible structure to their day, in line with the Early Years Curriculum. In years 1 to 6 the children follow a relatively structured timetable, outlined below.

Pupil Involvement

At Ambler we aim to create an environment where all children’s views and perspectives are listened to, valued and acted upon. This helps make a positive difference and encourages a sense of mutual responsibility and inclusivity.

Pupil Voice

All children at Ambler Primary are involved in ‘show and tell’ assemblies where they have the opportunity to share their learning, often through drama, dance and narrative.

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