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“The school links in fantastically with the children’s centre to ensure a smooth move up to primary.”
Parent, Ofsted report 2012

Starting school is both an exciting and daunting milestone. We aim to make sure that children and parents are given the information and assistance they need at this crucial time. In the July before the children start we hold a meeting for all parents to explain the process and what to expect.

We also organise visits in July for all children to come and see the reception classroom and meet the teaching staff. In September we organise home visits for all children who are about to start. All the children in reception start together. They build up attendance from half days to full days over a three week period. If we feel any child needs longer than three weeks before they do a full day we arrange this in consultation with the parents.

At Ambler our reception class is based within the children’s centre. This reflects the fact that the children in reception follow the Early Years Curriculum. The emphasis is on learning through play. An early morning phonics session helps lay the foundation for reading and writing. For the rest of the day children can choose from a range of activities and move freely between their classroom and the reception outdoor play area. At lunchtime children are seated in small ‘family’ groupings with children from the Nursery class.

While in reception children do singing with the Year One children, and PE with the school PE teacher. Their classroom is connected to both the children’s centre and the school and they make use of the school playgrounds when other pupils are not using them. In the summer term the Year One teacher comes and meets the reception class, and they are then taken to see the Year One classroom. This helps to ensure that they are prepared for the next step in their educational journey.

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