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Please select from below for more information about each of the subjects taught at Ambler


Literacy is the cornerstone of every child’s education. At Ambler Literacy is an integrated and fundamental component of the whole primary curriculum.


We teach the fundamental skills of mathematics through a creative, yet practical, curriculum.


At Ambler we adopt an investigative approach to Science. The children learn about a wide range of areas, including living things, materials and natural phenomena.

Arts & Humanities

Pupils study a broad range of subjects including history, art and geography in a cross curricular way through the Creative Learning Journey. This topic-based approach enables us to offer an original, exciting and creative curriculum to re-ignite and inspire children’s learning.


Learning a foreign language gives children an opportunity to broaden their horizons and stretch their thinking. All our children in years 3, 4, 5, and 6 learn Spanish through listening and speaking, role-playing, songs and games.


There are lots of exciting developments in computing at Ambler! The school now boasts a brand new, redesigned ICT area which is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment.


At Ambler we recognise that music is very much part of everyday life and can be a life-long love and activity.

Physical Education

It is important that as children grow and develop they understand the importance of physical activity in developing and maintaining their health and well being. At Ambler we aim to inspire our children to be healthy and active and to develop a passion for sport.

Beyond the Curriculum

At Ambler we go beyond the curriculum to educate and inspire the children about the world around them.

Spiritual & Moral Development

We think that all pupils should have the opportunity to learn about the beliefs and values of the individuals, families and communities linked to Ambler Primary School.

Curriculum and Assessment

We'd like every pupil at Ambler to wake up happy to go to school and wanting to attend every minute of the day just in case they miss something really exciting! Our curriculum is the core of this ideal...

Let's make something beautiful together...