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At Ambler, we want our children to have a thirst for learning, to want to know answers to questions such as how? When? Where? Why? Our aim is to provide a stimulating creative curriculum that engages children’s interests and desire to learn.

We do this through introducing topics with ‘WOW days’ as a hook to learning. We make links with other curriculum areas such as texts we use in English and what’s happening in the world around us so they are immersed in their learning and develop a greater, deeper understanding of their topics. But there are so many more opportunities we offer to make learning come alive.

  • Trips linked to different curriculum areas and residential trips
  • Ambler arts – working with an artist in residence
  • Philosophy for Children – thinking about the ‘bigger’ question
  • Story tellers & guest speakers
  • Theatre visits and school productions
  • Opportunities to learn musical instruments
  • Cookery lessons for YRs 1-6
  • PE tournaments with schools in the borough

This is just a snapshot of the range of opportunities we offer children. Our aim is to make children love coming to school to learn!

Please take a look at your child’s curriculum booklet to find out more about the topics they are learning and how you can support them at home.

Year 1

Curriculum Booklets for Year 1

Year 2

Curriculum Booklets for Year 2

Year 3

Curriculum Booklets for Year 3

Year 4

Curriculum Booklets for Year 4

Year 5

Curriculum Booklet for Year 5

Year 6

Curriculum Booklets for Year 6

Homework and Project Packs

'Homework Skills Packs' are given out at the start of each half term and contain the spellings and maths skills that children need to practise at home for that half term.

Curriculum and Assessment

We'd like every pupil at Ambler to wake up happy to go to school and wanting to attend every minute of the day just in case they miss something really exciting! Our curriculum is the core of this ideal...

Let's make something beautiful together...