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We teach the fundamental skills of mathematics through a creative, yet practical, curriculum.

Most teachers have been trained in the Cognitive Acceleration through Maths Education (CAME) technique which uses an explorative approach to maths to stimulate cognitive development. This can lead to long term improvements in learning across all subjects, as well as a good grounding in mathematics.

Pupils’ thinking and communication skills are encouraged in mathematics lessons through planned activities that involve speaking and listening, reading, writing and, most importantly, reasoning about problems.

We provide real life situations to encourage mathematical reasoning and show examples of what reasoning involves. This helps the pupils become more confident in problem solving by practising and refining their skills and strategies.

Our aim is to inspire all children to succeed by opening doors of understanding so they can flourish.

We are also using Mathletics to increase children’s knowledge of number facts. In 2016 we entered the Mathletics November Numeracy Challenge and our children came 44th out of over 500 schools.

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