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Welcome to the Ambler Primary School website. We have designed the site with children and families in mind.

At Ambler we believe in children and families and know that just providing good services is not enough. We want our children and families to have outstanding services and ‘Achieve More‘. This dedication has been reflected in our most recent Ofsted inspection, when we were rated as ‘Outstanding‘ in all areas.

The Ambler campus of school and children’s centre provides a seamless integrated service from pre-birth to the end of year 6 together with adult and community learning opportunities, recreational activities for the wider community and comprehensive extended day provision. As Head of the whole provision I have the privilege of working in this rich and diverse community. The campus serves many children and families from a range of backgrounds and cultures and this vibrant blend makes the Ambler community a unique and energising place to be.

“The determination and energy of the headteacher have brought about a clear vision of high ambition and aspiration for both pupils and staff.”
Quote from the latest Ofsted report, 2017.

Our children have a thirst for learning and attendance levels reflect the fact that pupils do not want to miss out on the exciting range of services available to them.

Across the campus we encourage children to make decisions for themselves and acquire the skills to become independent learners and the shapers of tomorrow.

We hope you enjoy using the website and all the interactive features which will enable you to learn more about our school and keep you up to date with the latest news and events.

Juliet Benis – Head of Primary School and Children’s Centre

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