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Ofsted’s most recent inspection of the Primary School was in May 2017, when we were awarded an overall mark of OUTSTANDING.

Overall effectiveness

The report said:

“Successful improvements implemented since the previous inspection have ensured that the school is now outstanding.”


Effectiveness of leadership and management

The report said:

“The determination and energy of the headteacher have brought about a clear vision of high ambition and aspiration for both pupils and staff.

“Governors’ excellent knowledge of the school’s performance means that they have a clear insight into the considerable strengths of the school.

“The school’s highly inclusive ethos ensures that excellent guidance is given to pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities. Accurate early identification of needs means that school leaders secure parental involvement with the school’s plan of support. Consequently, pupils achieve extremely well from their starting points.”

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment

The report said:

“Teaching is outstanding. Pupils make rapid gains because of the effective approach of teachers in consistently asking probing questions to deepen their learning.”

“Highly engaged pupils enjoy their learning and respond very well to guidance from their teachers about how to improve their work.”

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

The report said:

“Pupils respond positively to the school’s behaviour system. They have a perceptive understanding of the system’s rewards and sanctions. This has led to the impeccable standards of behaviour across the school.”

Outcomes for pupils

The report said:

“High-quality teaching and assessment practices in the school ensure that the most able pupils, including disadvantaged most-able pupils, make at least good progress.”

“Pupils demonstrate a love of reading for pleasure. Those who were heard reading were able to identify and use different forms of punctuation to improve their fluency and expression.”

Early years provision

The report said:

“The early years provision is outstanding. The staff in the Nursery and Reception classes organise exciting learning activities both indoors and outdoors. This enables children to progress well from their low starting points.”

“Regular and accurate observations demonstrate the wide range of information collected by staff to support each child. Leaders ensure that relationships with parents and carers are strong, from the time children enter the early years setting. Consequently, children’s learning journeys show a high level of parental involvement in the assessment of their children’s learning.”

We will continue to work hard to improve our school and teaching, as we recognise everyone is able to ‘Achieve More.’

We wish to thank everyone for their dedication and support, including the children, teachers, parents, support staff and governors who provide such excellent assistance.

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