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We are delighted to announce our 2018/19 school standards have been released and we are so proud!

Excellent Pupil Achievement


Pupils at Ambler (and nationally) are assessed as:

  • Working Towards’ the expected standard for their age
  • ‘Working At ’ the expected standard for their age
  • Working at ‘Greater Depth (GD)’ within the standard expected for their age.

In the last few weeks, pupils in Y1, Y2 and Y6 have been assessed in accordance with government guidelines.  You will find below some information on how our pupils have performed and we have included the national data for 2018 so you can see how we compare to national statistics (national data for 2019 currently not released).

The school’s performance tables published by the Department for Education can also be accessed via this link – Ambler Primary School’s Performance Results

Year 1 Phonics Testing

Pupils are asked to read 40 ‘nonsense’ words and ‘real’ words to test their ability to segment and blend phoneme grapheme correspondents.

Pupils are considered to have met the required standard if they were able to read 32 or more of the 40 words.

2017 2018 2019
Sch. 92% 93% 88%
Nat. 81% 82%

Pupils who do not meet the expected standard will retake the test at the end of Y2.

Year 2 SATs Testing

Pupils in Y2 are assessed in reading, writing and maths. Pupils also sit a maths and a reading test to support the teachers’ judgements.




Sch. 2019 Sch. 2018 Nat. 2018
WA/GD 78% 81% 76%
GD 43% 29%




Sch. 2019 Sch. 2018 Nat. 2018
WA/GD 77% 76% 70%
GD 23% 21%




Sch. 2019 Sch. 2018 Nat. 2018
WA/GD 85% 90% 76%
GD 28% 34%

Year 6 SATs Testing

Pupils in Y6 are assessed in reading, writing, SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) and maths.  Pupils sit formal tests in all of these subjects bar writing which is assessed by our teachers.  Pupils are considered to have met the EXPECTED standard or to be working at GREATER DEPTH within the subject.

Pupils at EXP or GD

Sch. 2019 Nat. 2018 Sch. 2018
Reading 91% 75% 100%
Writing 87% 78% 93%
SPaG 91% 78% 97%
Maths 94% 76% 97%
Combined 80% 64% 90%

Pupils at GD

Sch. 2019 Sch. 2018
Reading 53% 47%
Writing 27% 27%
SPaG 53% 73%
Maths 53% 13%
Combined 13% 7%

We are absolutely delighted with our 2019 results!!


Take a look at the national data for the overall performance at the end of KS2 and see how we compare to other schools:

National Data

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