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At Ambler we have a mix of different types of governor with a wide range of interests, experiences and skills.

Duncan Aldred

I joined as a co-opted governor in 2017. I was formerly head of the Banking and International Finance group of a City law firm, though I now work as a consultant and coach. Like other Ambler governors, I was seeking to do something useful in the local community and being a school governor has enabled me to use my skills to make what I hope is a positive contribution (in areas such as school finance, inclusion and HR). It has also enabled me to learn a huge amount about the school system in England and the vibrant, outstanding place that is Ambler primary. I am a member of the Finance and Personnel Committee and the Development and Learning Committee, Pupil and Sports Premium link governor and Vice Chair, all of which I enjoy tremendously, and learn more each term.

Rose Fraser
I’m a parent of two girls at Ambler. I’ve just been welcomed on board this year, in November 2017, as a parent governor. I’m looking forward to playing an active role in helping the school to serve the needs of the local community, in all its diversity, to the best of its ability, by listening to the views of the parents.

I’m currently training and working as an Early Years Practitioner (Nursery Nurse) in schools in the local area. I hope to bring some of this experience into my new role in Ambler, as well as expand my knowledge of the primary education sector through the eyes of a parent governor.

I’m fortunate to come from a background where a good education was hard to come by, out of the reach of many and therefore highly prized. And so I want to make sure that all children at Ambler, my own included, whatever their background, come to appreciate, value and make the most of this opportunity to get a great start in life, by making it the best we can for each an every one of them.

Jeffrey Shiu

I’m currently a parent of one boy at Ambler. I’ve been a parent governor since November 2017. I am in the Development and Learning committee and have a link role in Numeracy and STEM.

My background as a mathematician has enabled me to work as an analyst, software developer as well as run a global commodities trading operation. Currently I have taken time out to devote to the early development of my two sons.

I was born in Hong Kong and was lucky to have parents who put a great emphasis on education and learning. They gave my sister and I a fantastic education and upbringing in Australia. I would like to see all children have access to a similar education as well as developing an appreciation of the joys and benefits of a life of learning and development.

Roulin Khondoker
I’ve been a governor since July 2017 and sit on the Development and Learning Committee. I’m a local authority governor, which means I was appointed by the governing body following nomination from Islington Council.

Having grown up and lived in Islington for most of my life, I’m very interested to get involved with and contribute to the local community. As a school governor I’m keen to get involved with development & learning to encourage a balanced and open mind of education, for children of all capabilities. This impacts me quite personally as I’ve experienced the benefits SEN can give to children and their family and friends. I wish to work towards giving and getting the best for children’s education so their prospects in life are limitless.

I am a Doctor in environmental sciences. I have been in academia, and the private and public sector as an environmental advisor and consultant for a total of 9 years. I currently work for the government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in the Air Quality team where I manage projects and their budgets. I previously worked for Imperial College London as a researcher on projects to understand the atmosphere and its implications on our global climate.

I love to travel, I have worked and volunteered in countries including Kazakhstan, Namibia and Brazil, and I like to keep fit by cycling, sports and dancing. For me, I believe life-long education, discipline and determination have made these opportunities possible.

Tim Evans

I became a co-opted governor of Ambler in 2017. I’ve worked for many years as an investment banker and I qualified as a chartered accountant before that. I became a governor as I was looking to do something voluntary in the local community where I could use my background in finance to try to make a helpful contribution. Being a governor of Ambler has provided me with an invaluable insight into the complex world of school finance and how spending can affect outcomes for pupils. I also find it interesting working with a group of governors with a broad range of experiences and perspectives.

I am chair of the schools Finance and Personnel committee and therefore (partially) responsible for overseeing the school budget and other financial matters.

Soola Georgiou

I feel very privileged to be a co-opted governor at Ambler School as I consider Islington my ‘home’ patch, having worked as the safeguarding lead in education in Islington for a number of years, before I semi-retired in 2016.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far as a governor working with the talented and dedicated staff.

I admire the conscientious attitude of all the staff and will continue to bring my experience, knowledge and skills to the school and the childrens’ centre to ensure all of our children have the best possible outcomes.

Pauline Byrne

I am a parent governor. My background has always been centred around working with children in various roles. My current roles are: a school crossing patrol officer and a midday supervisor in a secondary school. My parent governor role is new, as I was only elected in this year, however, I am really enjoying learning about the governor role. I am especially looking forward to being apart of the amazing school that our children attend. I aim to help both parents and children with any concerns and queries they may have and hope they feel comfortable doing so through my friendly and approachable nature. Essentially, I want to be a part of the growing community and a helpful addition to the outstanding status of the school.

Alice Chowen

I was elected as a co-opted governor in July 2019 and am part of the Learning and Development Committee. Having grown up in north London myself and recently moved to Finsbury Park, I was keen to give something back to my local community.

I currently work as the London Manager for education charity Action Tutoring which supports young people from disadvantaged background to achieve a meaningful level of academic attainment. Previous to that, I worked for a number of other charities including Envision and The Prince’s Trust delivering mentoring programmes in schools across London.

I strongly believe that all young people should have fair access to education regardless of their background and have a real passion for empowering young people to recognise and reach their potential. I hope to bring my experience in and passion for the sector to make a positive contribution as a governor at Ambler.

Rachel Millward

I’m a parent governor. I am trained in cultural leadership through the Clore Leadership Programme. I set up and ran Birds Eye View: an international women’s film festival, and then The Old Church: a local community arts space, and have been the Executive Director of music and nature organisation The Nest Collective for 3 years. Before becoming a governor, I worked closely with the school as part of Ambler Arts to give our children more opportunities in art and music. We raise funds and bring in local professionals to lead music & art workshops and to teach musical instruments in Music In The Mornings. I’m delighted to be a governor for such a brilliant school, supporting a staff team who are endlessly passionate about giving every single child the best possible start in life.

James Davis

I joined as a parent governor in November 2017. I have boy and girl twins in year 2, Benji and Izzy, and a young boy, Oli, in the Children’s Centre.  I work as a management consultant at Oliver Wyman, working on strategic and regulatory issues for banks. As a governor I support the school through the Finance and Planning Committee and as the Link governor for Sport, for Extended Services and the Children’s Centre.

Types of governor

Parent governors – elected by the parents of children attending Ambler from Nursery to Year 6

Co-opted governors – appointed by the governing body. Applicants are not required to have a child in attendance at Ambler but are required to have skills that will assist the governing body in being effective in delivering its core responsibilities or being wiling to undertake training to develop these (e.g. Finance, HR, marketing, leadership). Co–opted Governors are selected following a skills audit used to identify our needs.

Staff governors – working at Ambler as either a teacher or a member of the school support staff and elected by all staff at Ambler.

Local Authority governors – appointed by the governing body following a nomination from the local authority often from amongst the members and supporters of local political parties but can also be from the wider community and again must have appropriate skills to support the governing body in delivering its core responsibilities

Associate Members of Committees – appointed by the governing body from a wide group including school staff and others able to contribute on issues related to their own experience and the area of responsibility of the committee to which they are appointed.

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