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How can I best support my more able and talented child at home?

Parental support is a significant factor in a child’s success at school.  Below is a list of tips for you to support your more able and/or talented children.

  • More able learners are sometimes isolated and they do a lot of thinking.  A listener at home is invaluable.
  • Able children may not share the same interests as friends but maintaining friendships is helpful.
  • Research shows that 8 – 10 hours of sleep aids concentration and focus in lessons.
  • A healthy diet plays an important part in educational success.  Children who eat a healthy breakfast are more alert, energetic and perform better in class.  Drinking water during the day is vital.
  • For homework tasks, provision of a quiet place where your child can work undisturbed can help considerably.
  • More able learners like to find things out for themselves.  Providing access to a computer with the internet assists independent learning skills.  If you do not have access you could use the local library or please see the Inclusion Leader, Maria Galster and she will be able to provide opportunities at school.
  • Extending your child’s knowledge of the world can be helpful.  Perhaps discuss issues raised by films and current affairs.  Getting involved in a broad range of experiences can also be useful such as a visit to a museum, art gallery, listening to different types of music and going to concerts.
  • Sometimes the most effective support a child can offer may be to limit the number of clubs a child attends.  This will allow them to develop their own interests.

There are a variety of resources and information on the internet.  The following sites may be of interest.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Inclusion Leader, Maria Galster.

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