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We really care about the children in our school and keeping them safe, healthy and happy.

In order to support your children as best we can, we are committed to working with you and your family. We work closely with many different organisations, so if we don’t have the expertise ourselves we usually know where to find it.

If we think your child may need extra support we will discuss this with you. If you think you or your child needs help or advice of any kind, please let us know. We have a team of people who work with us at school to support our families and children. Some are at school every day, but some only occasionally.

Role What they do Name 
Inclusion Leader Organises the team and can work with individual children or groups who need pastoral care Maria Galster
Learning Mentor Helps children with specific needs in school Dipa Deb
Child Integrative Psychotherapist (Tuesday) Helps children with emotional/behavioural difficulties in school Vanessa McHardy
Clinical Psychologist Helps children with emotional/behavioural difficulties Anna Ratke
Bi-lingual support advisors
(Wednesday mornings)

Help parents and/or children who speak different languages

Offer parenting programmes/workshops

Hinda Hashi (Somali)

Zakia Ahsan (Bengali)

Behaviour support service link Supports children with behaviour difficulties/staff with behaviour management Iban Blanco
School Health Advisor Helps with health issues Yolande Dieleman
Education Welfare Officer Helps with attendance issues Jackie Hedley
Educational Psychologist Helps children with learning difficulties Melernie Meheux
Speech and Language Therapist Helps children with Speech and Language needs Nina Smith

Our Peer Buddies are older children who are elected to support other children in the playground if they are feeling sad, lonely or who need some help with resolving small issues. They are trained by our Learning Mentor and know to go to adults if the issues are more serious.

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