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Information for Parents

The links on the left hopefully provide all the practical information you as a parent need. If there is further information you would like in this section please email us on

Curriculum information can be found on our Learning tab, or by clicking here

We welcome and encourage any parent who would like to be actively involved in school life. You could be a governor or Friend of Ambler, come to the school to talk to the children about your job, hobby or culture or simply attend one of our regular coffee mornings (see the calendar for details).

If you would like to become involved call the school office 020 7226 4708.


In reception, uniform is optional with the majority choosing to wear uniform. In years 1-6 children wear uniform.

Tours and Open Mornings

We are always delighted to welcome parents and carers to Ambler Primary School and Children's Centre.  

School Meals

Ambler is currently able to offer all children from Nursery to Year 6 a free school dinner, through Islington funding. To receive a free meal you must complete a form available from the School Office, annually.


An archive of letters containing information for parents


'Homework Skills Packs' are given out at the start of each half term and contain the spellings and maths skills that children need to practise at home for that half term.

Lost Property

It is essential that all children’s belongings are named so that lost property can be returned easily.

Holiday during term time

There is a direct link between attendance and achievement, therefore it is vital that children attend School every day.

Moving to Secondary School

“The headteacher is successfully showing that pupils with a wide range of needs can make the most of their talents and compete on at least even terms as they move to the next stage of education” Ofsted report 2012

Parent Handbooks

Each year we produce a Parent's Handbook and separate handbooks for parents whose children are going into reception and into Year 1.

The Extended Day

We know that parents often need additional care for their children before and after the normal school day. However we also know children need to relax and unwind.

After School Clubs

After school clubs are available for everyone from Year 1 to 6 and cost £2 per session, paid in advance for the half term / term, they finish at 4.45pm. Bookings can be made via the office or with the after school care team. Payments can be made by cash, cheque, childcare vouchers or bank payments.

Attendance and Punctuality

Good attendance and punctuality is important if children are to get the most out of their education. Children who are late miss out on important work at the start of the school day. Children who miss a lot of school obviously miss lessons and therefore do not make progress that they should. Our target is 98% attendance.

FAQs: Year 1 - 6

View a list of frequently asked questions and answers for parents with children in years 1-6.

FAQs: Early Years

View a list of frequently asked questions and answers for parents with children in years 1-6.

Contacting the School

Find out the best way to contact the school.

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