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Find out the best way to contact the school.

Speaking to the teacher

There are times when you’d like or need to speak to your child’s teacher. It could be letting them know about issues at home that might affect your child in school, asking questions to help you support your child with homework or a query about something your child has mentioned.

Here are a few different ways to choose from:

Drop off (8:55am)
Teachers are available for a few minutes each morning unless they are leading the exercise.

Pick up (3:30pm)
You can ask to speak to the teacher after they have let go of their class.

Phone call
Teachers can usually be contacted by phone between 8:00 – 8:30 and 4:00 – 5:00. Call the office on 020 7226 4708 to be put through.

You can arrange a meeting with the teacher through the office or in person.

Leave a message for the teacher with the office either in person, by phone or via the office email: Emails to the office will receive a prompt reply to confirm the message has been passed on.

Teachers use email primarily for internal communication and parents should not expect to have direct contact with them by email.

Phase leaders

Your child’s Phase leader may be better placed to help with certain questions and queries, especially with regards to the curriculum, emotional support and behaviour.

Years 1-2 – Eleanor Sutherland
Years 3-4 – Chris Field

Years 5-6 – Emma Martin

They are able to be contacted in the same ways as teachers above.

Other staff

For specific issues, feel free to speak to, arrange a meeting or pass a message via the office to the following:

Extended day & Clubs – Kym Julien
SEN – Maria Galster

Taking issues further

If the Phase Leader can’t help or you feel the matter needs escalating, try speaking to the Deputy Head Sandy McNicholl.

And if they can’t help, contact the Head teacher: Juliet Benis.

If you have a serious matter and you’ve exhausted all these options you can contact the Chair of Governors, Victoria Smith by email at

Suggestion Box

If you’ve got an idea or comment you can drop a note in the suggestion box in the office. These are regularly looked at and some great ideas have happened as a result. For example: adding more cycle parking by the lodge for children attending extended day.

Parent Voice Group

The Parent Voice Governor is now Rose Fraser. Her role is to make sure parent’s views are heard by the governing body and also to facilitate communication between parents and the school in the most effective manner.

There will be a termly meeting where parents can discuss ideas for the school, ask questions and be directed to the appropriate member of staff where necessary.

Look at the calendar on the school website or the notice board for the next date.

You can also email the parent voice governor directly using:

Head teacher’s questions

Once a term there is a morning meeting where parents can ask any questions directly to the Head teacher. Look at the calendar on the school website or the notice board for the next date.

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