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“The headteacher is successfully showing that pupils with a wide range of needs can make the most of their talents and compete on at least even terms as they move to the next stage of education”
Ofsted report 2012

We know that choosing and applying to secondary schools can be daunting. We provide an extensive service to support our parents and children through this process.

We have made links with a number of local secondary schools and work on joint projects with them over years 5 and 6. This gives students an inside view of secondary school life.

In the summer term we provide a coffee morning to outline the application process to parents whose children are about to enter Year 6.

In the first week of September our headteacher gives a detailed presentation about choosing and applying to schools. Local secondary heads are invited to come and talk about what their schools can offer. Parents are then encouraged to visit as many schools as possible.

The head is available to discuss what schools are realistic options. All parents are then invited to come for a 1-to-1 meeting where we complete the on line application form together.

If any issues arise after the offers are made we will endeavour to support parents / carers and children to resolve them

All secondary schools organise visits for those children accepted by them and often also come to meet the new students at our school over the summer term.

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