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We know that parents often need additional care for their children before and after the normal school day. However we also know children need to relax and unwind.

We offer breakfast and after school provision in a dedicated ‘extended day zone’. This is designed to be a relaxing and informal environment where children can feel at home. There is direct access to outdoor space so children can be indoors or outdoors as they please. Children can choose from a wide range of games, from chess to table football, and a library of books for all ages.

At the breakfast club, from 8am, we offer children the healthy breakfast they need to make the most of their morning. The breakfast club benefits from support from the Magic Breakfast Mayor’s Fund for London Project. (Please see more information on this link

After the normal school day, until 5.45pm, children are free to relax in their own way, whether they want to play games, read, or take part in after school clubs.


Fees for the extended day provision are £1.50 per session for the breakfast club (8am-9am), and £7 per session for the after school session (3.30pm-5.45pm).

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