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A letter from our Therapist

20 Mar A letter from our Therapist

Dear Parents and Carers,

Our children need us to create safe, calm, responsive home lives while we are in this temporary situation, not knowing how long it will go for will create stress and anxiety if we allow that to run, we don’t have to let it run it can come up as our alarm system turns on but if we have a well developed calm system we can turn the alarm system off and return to steadiness.

Your children watch your every move, the most loving thing you can do for your children is to look after yourself, to take care of yourself and keep your nervous system calm. Here are a couple of short body relaxation audios to support you, make time every day to use them, no matter how hectic things might be set aside a time and pop your headphones on and lie on your bed or sit in a chair and do them.

I explain to the children that if we do things that make your body go “ahhh yummy” many times a day it looks after our body so when we are next faced with stress or worry we will be able to activate/turn on our calm system to then help us turn off the alarm system.

Things that can make our bodies go ‘ahhhh yummy’ for me is putting a hot face cloth on my face and neck my body instantly lets go of tension, its really yummy. Warm clothes, soft things against my skin, walking for 15mins – even if on a treadmill, share the things that  make your body go ahhhh on our twitter feed, inspire others with things that support your body to be calm and connected.

Take Care


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