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Ambler is a community school, which means it is financed by public money and managed by the local authority, which also sets our admission requirements.

As a result, no application for a place at Ambler is initially dealt with directly by the school. This is the case regardless of whether you are considering an in-year admission or want your child to be part of the annual Reception intake.

To change school mid-year, or get your child into school if you’ve just moved to the area, please complete the online form for in-year admissions via this link. We will then contact you to discuss this application in due course.

Reception class applications for Ambler are dealt with by your local borough. The annual deadline for applications is in January each year and families are sent confirmations in April each year. All additional applications and any prospective offers are then overseen in this way until the end of each Autumn Term. From the Spring Term onwards of each year we are able to manage our own waiting list. Families must then follow the guidance above for in-year admissions if they want to be considered for any vacancies.

For further information, please refer to our ‘Admissions Policy‘ or come along to one of our ‘Tours and open days’. The school admissions team at your local borough will also be able to give you advice and we’re always willing to discuss this complicated topic in person or via any other contact method.

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