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“The determination and energy of the headteacher have brought about a clear vision of high ambition and aspiration for both pupils and staff” – Ofsted 2017

Find out who’s who and what they do!

Academic Year 2020-2021

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher – Juliet Benis
Deputy Headteacher – Sandy McNicholl
Assistant Headteachers – Mandy Goode and Emma Collins
Inclusion Manager – Mandy Goode
Business Manager – Gary Wong

Phase Leaders

Key Stage 1 – Eleanor Sutherland
Lower Key Stage 2 – Christopher Field
Upper Key Stage 2 – Emma Martin

Subject Leadership

Maths, School Council, Enterprise, Aspirations – Isabel Roberts
Phonics – Eleanor Sutherland
Reading (Literacy) – Hannah Chatterton
Writing (Literacy) – Emma Martin
Science & Sustainability – Laura Millar
Computing and E-Safety – Chris Field
Art & Design – Gemma Watts & Trixie Goh
PE & Sports Premium – Vacancy
RE, PSHE, P4C, Social Contribution – Eleanor Sutherland

Teachers and Support Staff

Reception Blue: Teacher – Catherine Hunter
Reception Green: Teacher – Zara O’Driscoll
Year 1B: Teacher – Emma Claughton   Teaching Assistant – Lisa Byrne
Year 1G: Teacher – Gemma Watts       Teaching Assistant – Leon Samuel
Year 2B: Teacher – Laura Miller    Teaching Assistant – Kristen Clatworthy
Year 2G: Teacher – Hannah Chatterton   Teaching Assistant – Emine Tahsin
Year 3B: Teacher – Katrina Campbell  Teaching Assistant – Salmah Bibi Mownah
Year 3G: Teacher – Keisha Miller    Teaching Assistant – Salmah Bibi Mownah
Year 4B: Teacher – Aimee Leeds    Teaching Assistant – Anna Jasktins
Year 4G: Teacher – Anna Larragy   Teaching Assistant – Anna Jasktins
Year 5B: Teacher – Daniel Cordery    Teaching Assistant –  Kym Julien
Year 5G: Teacher – Trixie Goh    Teaching Assistant –  Kym Julien
Year 6B: Teacher – Isabel Roberts    Teaching Assistant – Charlie Moir
Year 6G: Teacher – Isabel Roberts    Teaching Assistant – Charlie Moir

Intervention and Mentoring

Intervention: Maxine Daniels
Learning Mentor: Dipa Deb

Office Staff

Senior Admin Officers – Alison Tatum & Mel Sealy-Pearson
Premises Manager – Paul Fossett
Health and Welfare Officer – Laura Henney

Extended School Staff

Extended Day Coordinator – Kym Julien
Extended Day Staff – Charlie Moir and Emine Tahsin

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