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At Ambler we ensure our teachers know and understand the attainment and progress of each child. All teachers are aware what the next steps are in pupil’s learning so that they can share this with the child and meaningfully involve them in their own learning.

We do use tests to benchmark our judgements and then we plan interventions to either support or extend children with their learning.

Assessment without levels up-date

In order to continue to drive progress and attainment we will be continuing to use levels on all school data management systems. We are working closely with the local authority to ascertain the best way forward with ‘assessment without levels’ and will update our systems when there is an equally robust system in place.


In years 2 and 6 the SATs (Statutory Assessment Tests) are required to be taken by children and we additionally do optional SATs in years 3 – 5 in order to effectively track and monitor children’s progress and attainment.

This enables children to become used to academic tests so that they do not find them unduly daunting at secondary school. Children are taught to view such tests as part of normal school life so they do not feel stressed or anxious.

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