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This section gives parents more information on how to get involved with the school

If you think you could inspire children about the job you do or hobby you have please contact the school office on 020 7226 4708.

Friends of Ambler

Friends of Ambler aids the Primary School and Children's Centre in providing the best possible learning environment.

Parent Events

At Ambler we continually develop new ways to communicate with parents to help create a real relationship and an understanding between us.

Adult Learning/ Coffee Mornings/ Workshop/ Courses

In response to parents’ suggestions and needs, we have provided training and assistance in many areas including the following:

Ambler Arts

Welcome to Ambler Arts. We are a group of parents who want to give every child at the school the chance to explore the arts and unleash their creative potential. We want to support Ambler to be a creatively vibrant school rich in arts opportunities in all disciplines.

Let's make something beautiful together...